Adj. Prof Dr Soames Job

Adj/Prof Soames Job

BA (with first class honours in Psychology)

Dr. Soames Job holds an honorary position within TARS as Adjunct Professor in the area of human factors and safer roads, and is Principal of Global Road Safety Solutions Pty. Ltd. He is an executive manager and international consultant with a track record of success in leading large teams, major programs, strategy and policy development as well as implementation, while at the same time delivering culture change and improved sustainable business results.

Prof Job is nationally and internationally recognised for his achievements in road safety management, delivery, policy and research, and for noise effects research and policy. He is known for effective strategic management and influencing policy makers, delivery of results, and inventive translation from evidence and consultation to policy and delivery. He is a team-oriented leader combining a proven record of identifying and implementing effective change and strengthening organisations through developing and engaging employees. Soames and his teams have received over 25 major awards for achievements in road safety and health psychology.
With 34 years of road safety experience, Prof Job brings a unique combination of skills in consulting, policy, road reviewing, regulation and legislation creation and management, and direct delivery of road safety programs and projects as well as recognised expertise and success in road safety research and evaluation, teaching, group leadership, and mass media messaging for behaviour change.
Prof Job was the Director, NSW Centre for Road Safety in the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (New South Wales) from 2003 to (December) 2011. Over those years the NSW road toll improved at a substantially faster rate than the rest of Australia, and NSW achieved 6 successive years of road toll reductions- a record not achieved before by NSW or any other Australian state; the record lowest road toll since the 1940s was achieved, and NSW reached its lowest toll per 100,000 population ever (see Appendix 2 for details of achievements). Soames was the Executive Director of the National Road Safety Council until the council disbanded post the last federal government election.
In 1982 as head of the division responsible for alcohol and drug road safety policy with the Traffic Accident Research Unit of NSW, Soames was a key player in the introduction and refinement of Random Breath Testing in NSW, which led to the largest reduction ever in the NSW annual road toll. He continued to conduct research, consult, and provide policy advice on all aspects of road safety while Director of the Health and Safety Psychology Research Unit at the University of Sydney. More recently, Soames has been the leader of the successful re-introduction of Mobile Speed Cameras in NSW and led NSW Highway Safety Reviews which have resulted in dramatic improvements to road safety on the Pacific and Princes Highways saving many lives and injuries each year.
Prof Job has been a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration, the body which developed the global plan to deliver the United Nations Road Safety declaration of a decade of action; member of the (Australian) National Safety Standing Sub-Committee; was the Chair of the National Road Safety Executive Group (2010-2011) overseeing the collaborative development of road safety across Australia and New Zealand; Director and Deputy Chair of the Australian New Car Assessment Program Board (2003-2011); former President (for the maximum two terms), Executive member of the Australasian College of Road Safety (1996 – present). In 2010 Soames was appointed as one of the seven inaugural members of the National Road Safety Council, before becoming Executive Director of the Council.
Soames has consulted and advised on road safety for many jurisdictions, including Papua New Guinea, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Poland, Ukraine, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Tunisia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Russia, as well as most states and territories of Australia. He has consulted for the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, the Global Road Safety Partnership (the road safety arm of the International Red Cross), the International Standards Organisation, and OECD, on road safety and on the effects of noise on people.
Prof Job has been invited to address many national and international meetings and bodies (in Australia: Western Australia’s Road Safety Council, Queensland Parliamentary Road Safety Committee, Tasmanian Parliamentary Committee on Road Safety, and Victorian Parliamentary Committee on Road Safety, STAYSAFE Committee [NSW Parliamentary Committees on Road Safety], Australian Senate Standing Committee on Aircraft Noise, Federal Committee on Road Safety), and his advice on road safety has been sought by many governments and visiting delegations (Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, China, United Arab Emirates, USA, and New Zealand). Soames has presented invited addresses, typically as keynote speaker, in the USA (California, New York, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.); Russia, France, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and the UK.
With over 400 published scientific papers and reports to his credit, Prof Job has established an international reputation in science and evaluation in road safety, effects of noise, and public health psychology. His scientific papers have been published in leading road safety journals and books in many countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and Russia (see Appendix 3 for a list of published papers). Soames is also a highly experienced and lively workshop presenter/facilitator, with many years of experience as a University teacher and practical training presenter.

Prof Job holds a BA (with first class honours in Psychology), PhD, GAICD, and is a lifetime Fellow of the Australasian College of Road Safety.