Postgraduate Research Training

Staff and students at TARS undertake research in all aspects of the following

  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • In-depth analysis of transport safety data
  • Fatigue: it's causes and effects in transport
  • Role of human error in system safety
  • Road trauma
  • Vehicle rollovers
  • Vehicle crashworthiness
  • Motorcycle barriers
  • Driver and rider fatigue
  • Operator distraction
  • Occupational driving
  • Transport safety regulation
  • Risk perception
  • Fleet safety management
  • Injury burden
  • Impact of injury prevention policies
  • Injury outcomes
  • Determinants of disability following injury
  • Injury surveillance methods
  • Injury morbidity or mortality data quality
  • Evaluative tool development
  • Safety management systems

Research Degrees

Research can be undertaken as Honours, Masters or Doctoral degrees.


APAI Heavy Vehicle Road Safety

PhD Scholarship Description

This project involves adapting a Safety Management System (SMS) to improve the safety of heavy vehicles. The first phase of the project involves the collection & analysis of truck driver fatal crash data collected from the National Coroners Information System (NCIS) & other data sources. The information on crash circumstance & injury outcome information will be summarised into a database & in selected cases will be subject to a detailed investigation into individual crashes to evaluate the crash involvement factors including fatigue, speeding, etc., crash characteristics & preventative actions that may be taken. This data will be compared to outcomes from the 1st phase of the overall project to identify the key elements of a model SMS for heavy vehicle transport which is in its final stages.

A mathematical/statistical based model that can accommodate a dynamic causal and amelioration chain would be developed by the student, validated using the data from the 1st phase of heavy vehicle study and the NCIS data, and then applied to develop a safety intervention based on the characteristics most likely to produce the best safety outcome for heavy vehicle transport operations and to other road safety sectors to determine whether crash risk and trauma can indeed be modeled in such a way and reduced. This analysis will contribute to a validation of good SMS features for heavy vehicle transport operations.

This scholarship is offered once only to one person. Open for applications until March 31, 2013.

Payment Information
The value of this scholarship is AUD29,844 (per annum). This award is to be used for research. This scholarship is paid fortnightly for the period of 2 years if masters or 3 years if PhD.

Research Information
This scholarship is for one of the following fields of research: SCIENCE - GENERAL, ENGINEERING - TRANSPORT with statistical analysis experience. It is required that your study starts no earlier than March 31, 2013 and no later than March 31, 2014.

This scholarship is for study in Australia for those who have achieved Honours 2a or equivalent.

Contact Details
Professor Raphael Grzebieta
P: (02) 9385 4479