• What is TARS?

    Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research is a research group at UNSW dedicated entirely to road and transport safety research. The philosophy of the road and transport safety research focus at the TARS is the safe system principle, commonly used in occupational health and safety and adopted by the Australian Transport Council in 2004. Read more..

Latest Transport and Road Safety News

Road-Safety Guide for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

TARS Research and the Road Safety Commission today released a guide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people seeking to improve road safety in their community.


Safety Management Practices for Improving Safety in Trucking Companies

We are looking for interested trucking companies to take part in a study to determine the effectiveness of specific safety management practices for improving safety in trucking companies. As part of the study free assistance will be provided to companies seeking to improve their safety performance.


Bicycle Riders as Legitimate Road Users will make Cycling Safer and More Popular

A recent article published in 'The Conversation' by TARS researcher Soufiane Boufous supports the idea that cycling would become safer and more popular when bicycle riders will be considered as legitimate road users.


Queuing and Waiting for Long-Distance Truck Drivers

We are looking for heavy-truck drivers to tell us about their recent good and bad experiences of queuing and waiting at customers. Tell us online or call 1800 320 509 to set up an interview.