• What is TARS?

    Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research is a research group at UNSW dedicated entirely to road and transport safety research. The philosophy of the road and transport safety research focus at the TARS is the safe system principle, commonly used in occupational health and safety and adopted by the Australian Transport Council in 2004. Read more..

Latest Transport and Road Safety News

Development of a higher-order instruction coding taxonomy for observational data

Observation studies have long held an important role in behavioural research, with naturalistic driving studies an example rapidly increasing in popularity. This includes use of video-based recordings for which manual coding can be required when no clear markers for algorithm development are evident. Applying some standardisation in how observations are coded can ensure comparability of findings across different studies. This newly-released publication, co-authored by TARS Research, offers a coding taxonomy for higher-order instruction, developed in the context of professional driving lessons for learner drivers.


Shifting Approaches to Young Driver Safety in Great Britain

This week sees the release of a TARS Research co-authored report for the RAC Foundation in the UK on ways to shift some enduring well-intended but misaligned perspectives and approaches to young driver safety. While the context of the report was to address the current state of play in Great Britain, the implications are much broader. The report is written for a wide audience and promotes wider “systems thinking” approaches, with some practical ways to shift current approaches along the way.


TRB International Roadside Safety Conference 2017
Best International Paper Award

A paper presented by a TARS researcher at the 1st International Roadside Safety Conference in San Francisco this past June was awarded the Best International Paper Award. The paper, which was titled 'Development of a Motorcycle FE Model for Simulating Impacts into Roadside Safety Barriers', described the development and validation of a computer model of a sport touring motorcycle to be used to investigate upright crashes of motorcyclists into road safety barriers.


ARSC2017 Paper Award

A paper presented by a TARS researcher at the 2017 Australasian Road Safety Conference in Perth this past October was awarded the Best Paper for Improving Work Related Road Safety Award. The paper, which was titled 'Comparison of Experience-Based and Evidence-Based Safety Risk Management Features for Heavy Vehicle Transport Operations', compared 14 safety management practices against factors of the Zurich Risk Engineering (ZRE) system for truck fleet risk management.